Baptism Plaque

When you have a loved one being baptized you may feel the need to do more to commemorate the event with something unique.  The Laser engraving has an iconic holy cup of water with a cross and dove flying over top. The date of the baptism subtly placed off the tail of the dove. A Large engraving of the newly baptized with the plaque custom shaped to their image with the religious symbols. 

All Baptism plaques come in a box measuring 13 in. X 11 in. X 2 in.  The box is laser cut to protectively cradle the plaque. The size of the plaque will range with the image.  High quality images do help for the clarity of the larger engraving.

You have the option of adding more depth and contrast to the plaque by adding a Dye Stain of your choice. If your not sure if the Baptism Plaque is going to be hung on a wall, their is the Patent Pending Stand designed to hold the unique shape of any EMA plaque.  The stand directions come in a thank you card format with a personalized note on back.

Laser etched on the back of the Baptize Plaque is the name of the newly baptized and the name of the church. If you would like the name of the Priest/ Deacon or a personalized note on back let us know.

    Sacrament Plaque

  • Engraving Price: $170
  • Stain layer: + $10
  • EMA Stand: + $20
  • Stain Stand Combo: + $25
  • Expected Lead Time: 1 - 2 weeks
  • Prices Includes Shipping
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Baptism Plaque on Wall Blue Baptism Plaque on Wall
The Baptism Placque On Wall
Baptism Plaque on Stand  Back of Baptism Plaque on Stand Back side of Baptism Plaque on Stand
The Baptism Placque On Stand
Baptism Plaque Open box Baptism Plaque out of box
The Baptism Placque packaging

U.S Patent Pending